WPD Hand Dresser Light, fast and strong

Simple Handling Controlled Dressing Process

For manual processing of electrode tips on hand welding guns, the WPD Hand Dresser from our WELDPARTS brand is the perfect choice. It is a low-cost alternative to our automatic tip dressers and, thanks to its pneumatic mode of operation, is independent of power connections. This makes it ideal for quick post-processing of tips in hard-to-reach places.

With this powerful hand dresser, manual tip dressing is done quickly and easily. Simply place the WPD on the tip, press the lever and in less than 10 seconds the tip is perfectly shaped and ready for precise welding.

The WPD can be operated comfortably and safely. The device’s centre of gravity is close to the centre of dressing, which makes it easy to position the device correctly. A clamper is available as an option, which simplifies the fixing of the tip, requires less force from the user and thus makes the dressing process even more controlled.



  • Pneumatically operated
  • Very powerful
  • Simple handling
  • Center of gravity of the device close to the dressing center
  • Compatible with the KM milling tools
  • Even more control when dressing with the optional clamper


Air source pressure

5 bar


1,92 kg


1300 rpm


300 x 70 x 95 mm

Accessories Clamper


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