Cap Tip Sensor FIXA2 increases welding quality

Checks the electrode surfaces after the dressing process

The FIXA2 optical dressing quality inspection system opens new doors in the field of welding quality. The digital fibre-optic sensor of the FIXA2 checks the quality of the dressing result and thus the surface condition of the electrodes directly after the dressing process. During the inspection process, a light beam is sent onto the surface of the electrode. The reflected light is analysed by the light sensor and provides information about the surface condition. If the value does not correspond to the specifications within the tolerance range, the system sends an NOK signal. In this way, the skilled personnel know that the dressing has to be done again, that the dressing blade may be worn or that it has even been forgotten to be inserted. The FIXA2 inspection system thus reduces unnecessary interruptions in the production process and lowers the error rate. The inspection system adds to the degree of automation.



  • Precise inspection of the electrode surface
  • More safety in the process
  • Independent of material
  • Independent system




Supply voltage

12-24 V/DC



Control Output

Max. Voltage 24V/DC
Max. Current 20mA

Air source pressure

4-6 bar


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