Electrode Tip Magazines for always available tips

Revolver Magazines Bar Magazines

Our Revolver Magazines, the depots for new electrode tips, are extremely popular with our customers worldwide due to their easy handling. The principle is based on that of a revolver. The magazine is filled and wound by hand. Due to the resulting pull of the spring, the next tip slides immediately to the removal position after a tip has been removed.

With our new STC Bar Magazine, we were able to make our already very compact KE KIKK-EL and KE DH-SVR2 exchange units even narrower. This means that there are even fewer interfering contours in the cell. The magazine is changed using two small quick-release fasteners on the magazine. To ensure perfect sliding of the electrode even with flat tips, a kind of slide rail is incorporated in the contact surface. 


  • Suitable for any gun shape
  • Suitable for any electrode shape 
  • Revolver Magazine: easy handling 
  • Bar Magazine: narrow design 


20 mm tips

10 pieces

16 mm tips

12 pieces

13 mm tips

12 pieces