ATRM-008 Offline Tip Dressing

Recycling in high quantities From old to new

The ATRM-008 is an offline electrode dressing station. It supports productions that do not yet have a high level of automation by collecting used electrodes and reprocessing them in this fully automated offline dressing station.

The ATRM-008 recycles 500 to 2000 tips per operation. First the electrodes are checked for further usability, then the dressing process takes place. The system needs approx. 15 seconds per electrode preparation. Afterwards, the electrodes are ready for being used again.



  • Can process up to 2000 electrode tips
  • Requires 15 seconds per electrode
  • Electrode tips can be dressed offline outside of production
  • For all common electrode tips 



three phase AC 200V

Required air pressure

0.5 Mpa


1,500 kg