KE CDK-BAYO KIKK-ELX SET Tip Dresser/Changer Combination

Tip Dresser/Changer Combination automates tip handling

The CDK-BAYO KIKK-ELX SET combines electrode tip dresser and tip change in one unit. It unites our two most reliable and widely used products, CDK-BAYO and KIKK-ELX, and thus takes automation in the production cell to a new level. 

Due to the materials used, the CDK-BAYO tip dresser has a very long service life and is ideally suited for use in any production environment. It can be used in any working position. It does not matter whether it is horizontal, vertical or even upright. The integrated spring assembly ensures simultaneous removal during electrode milling.

Thanks to its pneumatic drive, the KIKK-ELX tip dresser applies an enormous amount of force when loosening the electrode tips. This force is triggered by the integrated lifting unit in the linking device. This enables the tip changer to loosen electrode tips that are exposed to enormous forces during welding, of course also in the future-oriented field of aluminium welding. The KIKK-ELX can also be used "as easy as pie" as a mobile version on the gripper for stationary weld guns. Due to the pneumatic mode of operation, no additional power connections are required, which would usually complicate such an installation.

With the control box already integrated ex works, the system is easy and PLUG&PLAY to put into operation. The powerful chip extraction unit ensures that the chips are safely removed. An integrated motor protection switch is provided for the prescribed safety. 


  • Dresser-changer combination automates tip handling
  • Both units on a low-vibration and stable stand 
  • PLUG&PLAY system for simple and fast installation
  • Bayonet fastened cutter holders
  • Chip Vacuum System CVC5
  • Integrated control box
  • Simple and quick change of magazines 


Tip Dresser KE CDK-BAYO




50/60 Hz


2.3/2.2 A


234/280 rpm


14.5 kg


Tip Changer KE KIKK-ELX

Tip lenghts

18-25 mm

Tip diameter

13, 16 and 20 mm

Air source pressure

4-6 bar


11 kg



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