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World premiere at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN

KYOKUTOH and TIPMAN's participation at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2023 in Essen was a complete success. It offered a first-class opportunity to present the innovative product solutions for welding technology to a broad audience of specialists.

The trade fair booth impressed from afar with its attractive black design, effective lighting and, above all, its two show areas. The live demonstrations of equipment for both arc welding and spot welding attracted many visitors throughout the event. But even more impressive were the technical innovations that we were able to present and which led to many productive discussions.

The live show in the spot welding area was a big draw for visitors. Here we demonstrated automatic tip dressing and tip changing on both robot-guided and stationary welding guns. For the first time, we presented the completely tip dresser/changer combination XCD and the new tip dresser CDF to the public. The new development for compressed air-free dressing with our EVA electric suction also impressed trade fair visitors and underlines KYOKUTOH's high level of innovation in welding technology. The dressing tip monitor system, TMR-01, was a joy for every quality manager. With its photo-based sensor, it demonstrated how it monitors and deeply analyzes the condition of the freshly dressed electrode surface, thereby ensuring the quality of the weld spots to a high degree.

The CTR-001 from TIPMAN was particularly in focus as a worlds first. This pioneering contact tip reformer automatically recycles the MIG/MAG contact tips so that they are available for further use and ensure more sustainability and environmental protection. Often surrounded by a crowd of people was the CTC-001, the contact tip changer and the NS-01, the 3-in-1 nozzle station. These unique innovations enable the contact tips to be changed automatically and the gas nozzle to be cleaned for the first time. This combination significantly increases productivity in MIG/MAG welding applications and reduces production costs.

The “Schweißen und Schneiden” trade fair proved to be an ideal platform for KYOKUTOH and TIPMAN to present the new, future-oriented devices. With numerous promising contacts and very positive feedback, we look with optimism to the future. We were able to once again show that we are taking a leading role in the industry and exceeding our customers' expectations with our new device highlights.