Increases process accuracy and process reliability

The compact Tipmonitor TMN-01 is a camera-based electrode tips inspection system, state-of-the-art and technologically very advanced. It monitors the condition of the electrodes after tip dressing and takes images of the top and bottom electrode after tip dressing. These images are then analysed in detail. If they do not meet the specified requirements, an NOK signal is sent. The Tip Monitor also detects incorrect insertion of the tool. The TMN-01 thus ensures complete and proper dressing at the highest level. Traceability is guaranteed, as the data can also be evaluated after the milling process.



  • Precise inspection of the electrode surface
  • More safety in the process
  • Independent of material
  • Detects spots on the electrode
  • Independent system


  • Supply voltage 48V 
  • Ethernet connection
  • Camera-based