KE KIKK-EL SET The innovative Tip Changer

Easy tip change possible in < 25 seconds

The reliable and flexible PLUG&PLAY Tip Changer KIKK-EL ensures extremely fast and safe tip changes in approx. 25 seconds. It is ideal for continuous use in the automotive industry and can be easily integrated into new and existing systems.

Thanks to its pneumatic drive, the KIKK-EL applies enormous force when loosening the electrode tips. This force is triggered by the integrated lifting unit in the calibration device. This enables the tip changer to loosen electrode tips that are exposed to enormous forces during welding, of course also in the future-oriented field of aluminium welding.

Due to its low weight and compact design, the KIKK-EL is not only suitable for robot-guided weld guns. It can also easily be used as the mobile version KIKK-EL*EE on the gripper for stationary weld guns. Due to the pneumatic mode of operation, no additional power connections are required, which would usually complicate such an installation.

With our optional tip magazines, the overall width of the changer is reduced to approximately the width of a laptop computer, which you may be using to read this. As another option, we offer fork sensors that speed up the testing of the changer process, further reducing the overall tip changing time. After the twelfth change, the magazine is replaced. This is done easily and quickly thanks to the simple and safe quick release. The mere exchange of the magazines can be carried out within seconds.


  • PLUG & PLAY system for easy and gentle tip change
  • Fast total exchange process approx. 25 seconds
  • Simple and quick exchange of magazines
  • Simple gripper solutions for stationary weld guns
  • Ideal for continuous use in the automotive industry


Tip lengths 

18-25 mm

Tip diameter

13, 16 and 20 mm

Air source pressure

4-6 bar


11 kg