About Us - Team Europe

KYOKUTOH’s history of success began in 1953 when Kusano Steel Recreation Company Ltd. was established in Nagoya, Japan. Providing superior quality welding products and services tailored to our customers’ needs, over the years we became a market leading company with branches in several countries.

Initially manufacturing arc welding tips and nozzles, we have been an integral part of the automotive industry from the beginning of our company’s history. Due to increasingly stiff competition in the automotive industry, automakers adopted more and more automation technology in their plants. In response to this development KYOKUTOH made the commitment to help automobile manufacturers to overcome the industry’s challenges, and our engineers started to focus on the development of innovative products for automated welding.

In the year 1983, due to growing demands from automobile manufacturers, our production lines were relocated to a bigger plant, and our company was renamed into KYOKUTOH Co., Ltd. In 1985, we introduced our first automatic tip dresser to the market. Five years later, KYOKUTOH's automatic tip changer was introduced and its large-scale production began. In 1991, we started to export our tip dressers to South Korea and the United States of America.

In the course of the time, KYOKUTOH continuously grew and opened several branches and sales offices within Japan. Shortly before the beginning of the new millennium, however, a new era began for our company. With the establishment of KYOKUTOH Korea we started to expand overseas in 1998. One year later, the certification of compliance with ISO9001, the international quality assurance standard, was granted to our group company. In 2001 KYOKUTOH's North American division Changer & Dresser was established, and with new branches in China (est. 2004), Germany (est. 2010) and Thailand (est. 2011) the presence of KYOKUTOH became increasingly global.

In 2011, we at KYOKUTOH Europe GmbH, the German branch for the EMEA region, successfully re-launched business after relocating to Munich. From the heart of Europe, we provide cost-effective high-performance products to automakers and their suppliers. We at the German sales team are proud to be part of a company with over 50 years tradition in developing solutions for the future of automated welding, and we strive to delight our customers and partners with excellent service and fair prices.